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Speech Anchors, LLC was created by speech and language pathologists who have combined their knowledge and passion to create helpful teaching tools that will captivate young learners.

Welcome Friends from Cheshire Fitness Zone!

Stories and activities for little ones that help develop speech. The fun stories and adorable characters captivate the young readers while they practice important speech patterns.

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What makes these stories different?

They are language-rich! We used our expertise to write stories that target common, early-developing language forms.

Check out our blog about the techniques used to develop proper speech habits!

We targeted Vowels! Vowels are important for speech clarity so we repeat the targeted vowel, and we have provided an illustration that shows how to position the mouth to produce the vowel.

They rhyme! Rhyming helps children hear sound changes in words, improves phonological awareness, and helps children pay attention to the story.

Check out our books and activities, specially designed to make it fun for children to practice targeting vowels!

Activities that go with the books! We've created many activities to reinforce the learning of the targeted vowel.  Many of the vowel activities are fun poems and songs written to the tune of “Skip to My Lou”.  Since it is a familiar tune, children can concentrate more on listening for the rhyming words.

Get your FREE activity over at our Teachers Pay Teachers site and see the many activities that will benefit your child!

We hope you enjoy!

Lynn Rose, Susan Danaher, Patricia Long-Smith