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Speech Anchors, LLC was created by speech and language pathologists who have combined their knowledge and passion to create helpful teaching tools that will captivate young learners.

Vowel|Sound Sequencing Wheel Set (5)

Learning Tools!

Why our series works:

Repetition, emphasis on the vowel, rhyme and songs help build speech and language skills as well as phonemic awareness skills.

Each book targets an early vowel sound (OH, EE, AH, UH, and OO). The story is written using rhymes and song to continually reinforce them throughout.

The vowel wheels that accompany the books help children practice the targeted vowels using word combinations found in the book. 

Vowel|Sound Sequencing Wheel Set (5)

Vowel Wheels Ad-01.png
Vowel Wheels Ad-01.png

Vowel|Sound Sequencing Wheel Set (5)


Each vowel wheel comes with a tactile strip, which has textures associated with  the targeted vowel and consonants. By dragging a finger across the soft tactile strip, the child learns to sustain the vowel sound. On each side of the soft tactile strip is a coarse texture, indicating when to form the consonant sounds. The wheels can be rotated to create different consonant-vowel combinations.

Benefits of this tool:

  • multi-sensory tool to improve sound sequencing skill
  • elimination of initial and final consonant deletion
  • phonemic awareness/rhyming
  • vowel discrimination to improve speech intelligibility
  • Improves sustained phonation 
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