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Speech Anchors, LLC was created by speech and language pathologists who have combined their knowledge and passion to create helpful teaching tools that will captivate young learners.


Introducing... The Speech Anchors' Vowel Book Series!

Speech Anchors

Welcome to Speech Anchors and thank you for stopping by to read our very first post and introduction to our book series written to promote intelligibility in children. First, let me introduce you to us. Many years ago, three Speech-Language Pathologists met in an elementary school, in a small town in Connecticut. We immediately became friends, based on our shared passion and commitment to never stop learning and to providing speech-language therapy sessions that are not only beneficial, but also fun, interactive, multi-sensory and motivating, so all students can be successful. We are Sue Danaher, Lynn Rose and Patty Smith. We have been working in a public school setting, as well as private practice for many years, spanning 15-20 years.  Approximately 5 years ago, after returning from a conference on improving intelligibility in children, Lynn was inspired to create engaging, interactive activities, focusing on accurate vowel production to facilitate improved intelligibility in her preschool children. From that moment on, the three of us combined our ideas, strengths and talents, resulting in this unique five book series we have to offer you today.

Each story focuses on one vowel sound that is repeated both in isolation and rhyming words throughout the story providing auditory bombardment and drill-like practice. An adorable, beautifully illustrated character, that your children and students will automatically relate to and love, is featured in each book. The names of the characters and rhyming words in each story were carefully chosen to provide developmentally appropriate sounds so that young children will be better able to imitate and produce the words. The use of repetitive rhyming verses and simple, memorable songs to the tune of Skip to My Lou, make it impossible for children not to interact and sing along.

THREE more  reasons to love this book series!

  1. Each book not only highlights a specific vowel sound, (/ee/, /ah/, /oo/, /oh/, /uh/), but in  addition, the first page provides an illustration, providing a visual of the mouth posture and jaw height necessary for an accurate production of the target vowel in the story. SLPs, parents and all readers are encouraged to start each book with bringing the child's attention to the illustration and vowel sound highlighted, followed by modeling and  having the child imitate the sound in isolation before listening to the story.
  2. In addition to these delightful stories, each book comes with a Vowel Sequencing Wheel. This simple, effective articulation tool provides a multi-sensory technique for practicing the target vowel highlighted in the story,  in isolation, syllables (VC, CV), nonsense words and simple CVC words. Each Vowel Sequencing Wheel has an illustration of the adorable character in the book, specific to the target vowel, a visual of the mouth posture and as an added multi-sensory feature, there is a tactile strip designed to elicit sustained phonation of the vowel, as well as initial and final consonants.  Manipulation of the wheels on either side of the strip, allows the SLP or parent to create different sound combinations and words to practice with the child. Contrasting  tactile cues are given to signal the difference between the initial and final consonants and the vowel.
  3. Anyone who reads these stories to children will be improving their articulation and intelligibility, along with many added benefits. Through the repetition of rhyme and auditory bombardment of the target sound in the stories, children will be improving phonemic awareness, phonological processing and early language skills. The stories are so entertaining, children will not realize that they are involved in articulation drill and language intervention.

Thank you for visiting our blog post. Check out our special, introductory prices for individual books or the entire 5 book set, all of which come with a Vowel Sequencing Wheel, at or view our Speech Anchors Welcome video on Youtube !

We are so excited to have created these new therapy materials for you and are currently working on the next set of books and materials!

Please feel free to email us if you have any questions about the series or the Vowel Sequencing wheel:

We hope you have a happy, healthy, amazing school year. Make sure you come back and visit for upcoming posts.

Bye for now,

Sue, Lynn, Patty