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Speech Anchors, LLC was created by speech and language pathologists who have combined their knowledge and passion to create helpful teaching tools that will captivate young learners.

NEW Multi Sensory Sound Sequencing Wheels!


NEW Multi Sensory Sound Sequencing Wheels!

Speech Anchors

Don’t Wait!

The vowel system is fully established by age 3 in typically developing children!

Vowels are the super heroes of intelligibility.

·      Vowels magically transform consonants into syllables and words.

·      It’s the vowels that convey intonation, tone and the rhythm to what we say.


At 2-3 months, babies begin to play with making different vowel sounds when they coo. Since their tongue follows the jaw as they change their mouth posture, the vocal play and exploration contains simple vowel sounds.

Simple Vowel Sounds only require one mouth movement to produce (e.g. /ee/ retracted lips, /oo/ rounded lips, /ah/ big, open mouth). Therefore, are easiest produce and establish first.     


Diphthongs are much more challenging! They are created by blending two vowels, requiring two discrete mouth movements. (e.g. /ah-ee/ for "I')                 Motor Planning!!!


Do you work with children age three and over who do not produce accurate vowels?

Looking for something new for children with apraxia or suspected motor planning difficulty?


Check out our

Multi Sensory Vowel Wheel Training Tools!

Each one is designed to train a targeted simple vowel by providing multi sensory cues:

  • Visual illustrations of the mouth posture necessary to produce the vowel sound

  • Specific verbal guidance shapes the targeted vowel (/ee/: stretch your lips into a smile, /ah/: open your mouth big, /oo/ push your lips out like a kiss)

  • Auditory: clinician model  

  • Tactile cue for teaching sustained phonation of the targeted vowel sound

  • Contrasting tactile cue for blending a phoneme with the vowel

  • Rotating wheels with early developing speech sounds to move from the vowel production in isolation to the syllable (VC or CV) and word level (CVC).

These Vowel wheels can be purchased separately or get them FREE when you order the accompanying book!


Don’t Wait! Go to for more information on specific materials for treating apraxia and motor planning difficulty associated with speech clarity and intelligibility issues.